N A S A L C A ...

Municipality  - Bujanoci -  Komuna 
Est . Population -1800 - Numri i popullsisë
Altitude  - 500m -  Lartësia mbidetare
Distanc from Prishtina - 90km- Largësia nga Prishtina               

Projects in this community  : 

Nasalca - Letovica Road Asphalting  
Nasalca - Lluçan Road Asphalting 


Projektet e këtij Komuniteti :

- Rruga LLuçan - Nasalcë e asfaltuar

- Rruga Letovicë - Nasalcë e asfaltuar

- Shkolla e Re

- Ndërtimi i Xamisë së Re


- Kanalizimi

- Elektrifikimi i Rrugëve

Main Economic Activites :      
Agriculture 90% , Commerce 10%
Me aktivitetet Ekonomike që merret popullësia:

Bujqësi 90%, Tregëti 10%


The local road, 1300 m long, which goes through the village, is in a very bad condition. The community has prioritized street lighting in the village so that people can easily walk
and the traffic can easily circulate during the night. There is a road from the new school to the local road, which is 400 m long and needs to be lighted since the school is on the outskirts of the village and students need to walk there every day late in the afternoon. This is a great risk to their lives, especially in winter time, when darkness sets in very early. The power grid oles are also in bad condition and need to be replaced. 

Implementation of this project has a great impact on the community and also on some neighbouring communities that are using the road, such as Vrban, Letovica and Oslare. As indirect beneficiaries the community people will be able to normally communicate during the nights. The students will easily reach their houses from the school, especially In winter time. Also, driving through the village will be much safer.

1,800 banor

USAID: $9,428
komuna: $6,839
gjithësej: $16,267